Ellen’s Beer Mile Race

After meeting Beer Mile World Champion Lewis Kent, Ellen had him race one of her staff members in a good old-fashioned chug and run!

Robin Williams on Running a Marathon

In addition to being an amazing actor, comedian and humanitarian, Robin Williams had close ties to the running community. In this clip for his Grammy winning 1986 show A Night At the Met, Williams explains how running a marathon delivers a cheaper high than cocaine.

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Friday Fun: The Truth of Running [Video]

A look at the ‘dark underbelly’ of the running epidemic 🙂    Video by Studio C.

Friday Fun: Types of Runners

What type are you?

Types of Runners

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The barefoot runner: Hasn’t worn real shoes in months

The Trail Runner: Hills Ahead!

The Gear Junkie

The Newbie

The Ultramarathoner

Stairs are a Marathoner’s Enemy [Video]

Those of us who have run a marathon know how painful it is to walk down stairs after the big race.  You’ll be able to empathize with the plight of these runners after the Haspa Marathon in Hamburg, Germany last weekend. Continue reading