Friday Five: Reading About Running—Nov 1, 2013

a lot of running shoesMy weekly curation of miscellaneous articles on running:

Marathon as Melting Pot, New York Times
Striving Immigrants Find Long Distance Running Far From Lonely in New York City

Sick? Go Run With A Sports Drink, Competitor
Sports drinks can do more than simply fuel your long runs and races.

Baseball is like the Marathon, Toni Reavis
Both sports require the ability to endure a long, gruelling task, be it months of training and 26.2 miles of racing, or months of a 162-game season.

Marx was wrong about alienation, but also kinda right, The Logic of Long Distance
Marx must have been a runner.

25 Things Non-Runners Don’t Get About Runners, BuzzFeed
What makes intelligent and rational people become runners? And will non-runners ever understand them?

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