Friday Five: Reading About Running—Nov 8, 2013

Why Running in the Rain is AwesomeMy weekly curation of miscellaneous articles on running:

10 Reasons Why Running in the Rain is Awesome, Adventure Inspired
It occurred to me that the few times I’ve run in the rain, it’s been significantly more fun than the same route would be if the skies were clear, and here’s why.

Running in the Dark, The Logic of Long Distance
The fall time change means one thing for me — running in the dark.

Proper T-Shirt Etiquette, Bad Ben’s Trail Running Site
A tongue-in-cheek review of the sometimes superstitious regard runners and triathletes have for their finisher shirts.

Scott Feschuk learns to jog, Sportsnet
Master of the delaying tactic of the shoe-tie. Tragically injured in the noble pursuit of the 10K. Scott Feschuk: jogger.

The Top 5 Ways Fascia Matters to Athletes, Breaking Muscle
You may be noticing the word “fascia” (aka connective tissue) is a hot topic right now in all body related fields. But before we get to why fascia matters to athletes, here is a brief primer about why it’s getting so much attention these days.


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