Science of Marathon Running [Video]

Here’s a great explanation of the science of marathon running by Joe Hanson of PBS Digital’s It’s OK To Be Smart.

26.2 miles of awesome human evolution. So maybe we can’t outrun cheetahs or antelope, but humans are uniquely adapted for long distance running. To find out why (and because I was feeling a little crazy) I decided to run a marathon! Here’s what I discovered about the science of long distance running


Endurance running adaptations (Wikipedia)


For more on the science and evolution of distance running, from training plans to cellular physiology, check out Tim Noakes’ “Lore of Running” and Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run.”


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For more awesome science, check out:


Joe Hanson – Host and writer
Joe Nicolosi – Director
Amanda Fox – Producer, Spotzen Inc.
Katie Graham – Director of Photography
Andrew Matthews – Editor and motion graphics
John Knudsen – Gaffer


Music: “Ouroboros” by Kevin MacLeod


Produced by PBS Digital Studios

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