From Beer/Wings Diet to Healthy Eating, Running

Earlier this week, I was contacted by the Vancouver Sun, our daily newspaper. They wanted to do a story leading up to the Vancouver Sun Run on how to stay motivated while running. I think Tiffany did a great good job of capturing my motivations and some of the advice I offered. Here is an except:

Yuri in a hurry: From a beer/wings diet to healthy eating, running


Yuri Artibise enjoys a sunny run along the Vancouver seawall,

Photograph by: Jenelle Schneider, Vancouver Sun

[…] In the beginning, he could only run for two minutes at a time.


“It was difficult at first. I didn’t like it. But every week I just started running a little bit more. You go one more block each week and before you know it, you can run for nearly an hour,” he said. “When I think back two and a half years, when I took my first (Sun Run) clinic, there’s no way I would have believed I’d ever run a marathon.”


Now Artibise, who has set a goal of losing 20 more pounds, has what many call the runner’s high — the anticipation and excitement of running on a seawall or mountain trail for long periods of time solo or with a group of people.


For Artibise, a Sun Run clinic leader at Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village, running is something that should be done in groups. He told The Sun that jogging with other people is the best way to stay motivated, especially on rainy winter days.


“I truly believe running is a team sport,” he said. “When you are running for half an hour or an hour on your own, you can start to talk yourself out of running, or how much your ankle is hurting, but when you have someone to talk with, your mind stays focused on more positive things.”


For anyone starting out and worried that they might not be able to do the Sun Run, Artibise offered this simple advice: “You’ve worked so hard. The best thing you can do now is just trust your training, and guess what? The finish line is almost there.” […]

Be sure to read the entire story on the Vancouver Sun website.

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