Long Run Report: Deer Lake Solo 32K

Solo Long Run

Solo Long Run 32.39 km 03:20 06:10 pace
I have a race tomorrow, so had to do this week’s long run to Deer Lake alone. I got a bit lost in the middle, and my iPhone battery died with 1.5 k left, but otherwise a pretty good run. The rain was light for most of the run.

3 °C, WC: 1 °C, 7km/h E, 75%

Post Script

I’ve been asked why I would run 32K the day before race?  I am approaching the race tomorrow as more of a fun run. I was asked to be a part of ‘Team Modo‘ (a local car-share co-op), in a 8k race they are sponsoring. I want to support the team, but didn’t want it to affect my  training for my ‘A-race’, the BMO Vancouver Marathon.  Besides, with my focus on long distance training recent, I wouldn’t have the speed to ‘race’ it even if I wanted to. Hence my long run today.

Tomorrow’s ‘race’ will be more of a recovery run.  I’m actually looking forward to taking it easy and being able to support my fellow team members and soak in the rcr day atmosphere without any pressure on myself!

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