Long Run Report: September 8, 2013

Long Run - September 8, 2013

Stanley Park Loop—22.78 km in 02:08 | 05:37 pace

This Sunday’s long run was a marathon pace 23K. It was our ‘drop back’ week, so our coach encouraged us to run at our marathon pace. I’m aiming for a 4 hour finish, so tried to keep slightly below a 5:40 pace to allow for water breaks, etc on the big day.

It was a tough slog, given my heavy legs from the week’s hill training and my MP run on Thursday (not to mention a few beers last night!), but I managed to get it done. We start speed work at the track on Tuesday evening, so hopefully this pace will become easier to maintain for the entire 42.2! | 16 °C, 2km/h SW, 92%. (See workout on dailymile)


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