Friday Five: Reading About Running—January 24, 2014

Snow trailrunning : Okotoks XC

From Wikimedia Commons

Here are some interesting posts on distance running from the past week:

Ten Golden Rules of Running, Breathe Through This
To help with the transition from “weekend warrior” to “avid runner.”

Runemployment: How I Escaped the Laid-Off Blues, Beyond the Miles
Because I run, I know that I have the strength to pull on my shoes and trek through just about anything—even that foggy, muddled reality known as unemployment.

Ultra-runners may hold clues to limits of human capabilities, SF Gate
Researchers hope a study of ultra-runners from the San Francisco Running Co. and Bay Trail Runners will provide a glimpse into what drives them to push on.

Making an App for Runners: Thoughts and Lessons Learned, Healthynomics
These are some thought and lessons learned from developing Fuel My Run, an iPhone app to help runners run to their full potential.

14 Rules to Run By in 2014, by Mackenzie Lobby for
While there are no guarantees when it comes to our sport, these 14 rules to run by may

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