Friday Five: Reading About Running—February 28, 2014

Kanazawa Running by Eryn Vorn of Flickr

Photograph by Eryn Vorn on Flickr

After missing last week, I’m back on ‘track.’  Here’s my weekly list of running related posts that you should read.

Running Free review, The Running Blog (
‘It’s the prod you need to make you step off the pavement and into the wild.’ For Richard Askwith, running is a way of reconnecting with nature, and stripping the sport of its commercial trappings can be liberating, too.

When a Cramp Is Actually a Clot, The Atlantic
Deep-vein thrombosis is often mistaken by both patients and doctors for something else. I was suspicious of what I thought was a runner’s cramp, and got lucky.

The Whole Body Fix, Runner’s World
Chronically injured and disheartened, a Runner’s World editor sought holistic help from a team of therapists. Her diagnosis (sleeping glutes?) and hard-won lessons (master the clamshell!) can help you, too, stay healthy, happy, and on the road.

How to Run a 7 Minute Mile, WikiHow
You’ve tried to beat the clock. Tried to make it in 7 minutes or less. But alas, it just isn’t working for you. It’s a challenging goal that not many achieve, so it’s no wonder. But, with a few tweaks to your running game, it is 100% doable.

The 5 Golden Rules of Sports Nutrition, Training Peaks
When we think about our sports nutrition…what’s going to make it “golden?” On track, top notch, or better than average? Here are five easy rules you can follow.

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