Friday Five: Reading About Running—January 17, 2014

A man running in Chicago

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons.

This week’s list of interesting posts on distance running:

Why Running Makes Me Feel Like a Rock Star, Ben Kaplan
I don’t need permission, can’t mess it up and am able to do it completely on my own terms.

5 Commandments of Running, Minneapolis Running
5 commandments to live by in our training that will help us maintain our focus as we buckle down through these dreary months of winter.

Why Can’t Science Determine the Best Running Shoe? Runblogger
At the end of the day it’s an individual journey of finding out what works for you and your body given your genetics and environmental background.

Beating The Winter Blues, Running Journal
Spring racing season is going to be here before you know it, so why not make a real commitment to not just maintain some level of fitness in the winter months, but actually improve your fitness.

37 Things Only Runners Know, Thought Catalog

Your Turn

How do you beat the winter running blues?

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