What Makes Runners GO? [Infographic]

Runners: What makes them go? screenshotWe know that running is good for you—it’s a sport filled with health and mental benefits that can change our lives. But have you ever wondered about the specific mechanisms involved that trigger these reactions?

Runners: What makes them GO

Sure, running makes you feel great: but why? For this reason, Locklaces.com put together an infographic that delves into the complex systems that make up our bodies and displays how running impacts them.

Runners: What makes them go? infographic

From Locklaces.com

HT: fitfor365.wordpress.com.

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  1. Vickie Homma Dawson

    How interesting, thanks for posting!

  2. Love the info here, I had no idea the cartlidge in my knee could take such a pounding! I had a torn meniscus repaired in my left knee in 2004. 70 tonnes sounds like a lot!

    • Anita, I also have a torn meniscus, and had chronic knee problems for a long time—until I took up running. Turns out that ‘exercising’ the knee joint is actually good for it! (Contrary to popular opinion, runners have lower incidences of knee pain than non-runners). Of course, losing 60+ pounds also has a lot to do with it! 😉

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