Is the Current Running Boom Bad for Runners?

My running friends and I at SeaWheeze 2012

There have been a lot of chatter written recently on the lack of competitiveness  in the younger generation of runners.  It reached a pinnacle last week with the publishing of The Slowest Generation, an article by Kevin Helliker in the Wall Street Journal and a blog post by Toni Reavis entitled, Dumbing Down, … Continue reading

Friday Five: Reading About Running

Build Mental Muscle. Image by Comrade, via

Image by Comrade, via

My weekly curation of miscellaneous article on running:

How to Build Mental Muscle, Runner’s World
New research reveals that if you really want that PR, you have to train your brain—hard.

How to Eat a Gel on The Run, Coach Caleb
The vast majority of runners are taking gels as their fuel source during long runs and races. Here is how to make that work, so you don’t choke on the gel or drop the packet.

Does Music Help During A Run? The Results Are Mixed, Competitor
Insights on the effects of music on the running experience and performance.

Why you should throw away those cushy running shoes — for your knees and fashion sense, National Post
Fashion statement? Check. Combination of rubber and plastics technology and savvy marketing? Check. Good for running? Not so fast…

How to find time to run, Walk Jog Run
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can seem an elusive task. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

10 Steps To Running A Marathon—You Really Can Do It!, Refinery29
Motivated now, but wondering how you’re possibly going to make it 26.2 miles to the finish? The truth: it’s going to be tough. But with the right preparation, you can do it! Here’s how.

Friday Five: Reading About Running

Photo courtesy of Numo Cruz on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Numo Cruz on Flickr

My weekly curation of miscellaneous article on running:

I Never Thought I’d Be a Runner, Runner’s World
[T]he magic of a marathon isn’t in the 26.2 miles on race day; it’s in the nearly 500 miles of training that happens in the months before.

Why Magnesium is good for runners, Runner Unleashed
How many of you have magnesium daily? Did you know it is an important mineral all runners should have a healthy supply of?

A Message To Non-Runners, Medium
This is a message for those of you that have always wanted to run.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of High Mileage Training, Predawn Runner
One of the bigger areas of debate among runners and coaches is the tradeoff between quantity of miles (or kilometers, of course) and quality of miles.

The Everyman: Confessions Of A Runner, Competitor
Do any of these sound familiar to you?