Friday Five: Reading About Running—February 28, 2014

Kanazawa Running by Eryn Vorn of Flickr

Photograph by Eryn Vorn on Flickr

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10 Health Benefits of Running [Infographic]

Check out this infographic showing some of the top health benefits of running:

10 benefits of running infographic

Transcript: Top 10 Benefits of Running

Overall Mental Health

Your body releases chemicals which help your body feel more happy…

Lessen Effects of Asthma

Helps strengthen lungs and bronchi.

Helps Prevent High Blood Pressure

Your arteries expand and contract while running, helping the arteries to stay fit, which then helps to maintain health[y] blood pressure.

Strong Immune System

If you are a runner, [you] suffer less from minor illness.

Weight Loss

You burn 705 to 865 calories/hours

Fat moving Up-Down helps break your fat down

Physical Strength

Running builds lower body strength in addition to strengthening your tendons  and ligaments

Increase Bone Density

Your body sends essential mineral to bones to strengthen  them when stressed. As running stresses your bones, these additional minerals helps to increase your bone density over time.

Joint Strength and Stability

By increasing the strength of your ligaments and tendons you increase joint strength and reduce  chances of injuries to your ankles, hips, and  knees.

Personal Control

Running = Increase(d) confidence + greater control over you[r] life.

Reduce Effects of Diabetes

Helps reduce diabetic resistance to insulin and maintain a health[y] blood sugar level

Friday Five: Reading About Running, Dec 13, 2013

Running by Coolidge Corner

CC Image courtesy of jpo.ct on Flickr

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What Makes Runners GO? [Infographic]

Runners: What makes them go? screenshotWe know that running is good for you—it’s a sport filled with health and mental benefits that can change our lives. But have you ever wondered about the specific mechanisms involved that trigger these reactions? Continue reading