Vancouver Eastside 10K Crew Challenge [VIDEO]

The Vancouver Eastside 10k Crew Challenge is on! Watch this first in a series that Jeff Pelletier is producing for the Canada Running Series. The video showcased friendly rivals East Van Run Crew and Fraser Street Run Club. If you watch closely, you’ll see me on the bleachers near the end of the video, wearing my new FsRC singlet.

The Eastside 10k Crew Challenge

I’ve written before about my love of running with others, and in particular the Fraser Street Run Club. I’ve also posted about my experiences as an ambassador for the CRS. I’m happy to say that these worlds are colliding in the Eastside 10K Crew Challenge on September 19th!

The Eastside 10K Crew Challenge is encouraging local run crews to compete against each other while raising much-needed funds for Eastside charities. The crew who raises the most money will receive 5 free season’s passes to all 2016 Vancouver CRS races. The crew with the fastest cumulative time will earn an extra $500 donation from CRS to their charity! This year, the FsRC has decided to team up with Watari Counselling & Support Services Society as our partnered charity.

Eastside 10K Crew Challenge

How to Participate?

If you haven’t already registered for the Eastside 10k go on over to their website HERE and use this code VE-CREW-20 to get your 20% off the registration fee. And don’t forget to select Fraser Street Run Club as your team! (If you have already registered and want to join our team worry not! Just send me your name and I’ll forward it over to race headquarters).

Also you can donate 2 ways:

  1. You can go HERE and directly donate/pledge to WATARI online.
  2. Every Track Tuesday between August 18th and Sept. 15th, FsRC will donate 100% of the $5 drop-in fee to the challenge. We are also be programming all our works starting now till race day specifically for the Eastside 10k.

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