Running Crews: The Common Ground [Video]

A great video highlighting the global running crew movement via Q (Equinox):

In cities around the globe, runners are forming crews. It’s an otherwise solitary activity, running. All that is really needed is a body and some shoes. But for members of these crews, the activity of running transcends personal objectives. Less concerned with burning calories or completing training log entries, for these crews, running is really about family.


“The community is far more important than the actual physical things that we do,” says Charlie Dark, poet, writer, DJ, and founder of London’s Run Dem Crew, featured in the video above. “People feel that they need to belong to something.”


As they rip off miles around their respective urban hubs, the likes of which include London, Paris, Tokyo, and Amsterdam, crew members form deep bonds, connecting not just on fitness-based goals, but on a shared affinity for culture, fashion and art. That is what crew is, a shared mindset and a shared experience. In a performance- and results-obsessed society, run crews exist as counterculture, and their influence and reach continues to grow.


Watch the video above to hear and see more.

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  1. A lot of the running crews in the Lower Mainland give me the creeps. Yeah, come to our free “club run” but be prepared to be pressured to sign up for personal training, visit our “preferred bars and restaurants” and running stores. It’s not about the running at all. They are organized specifically to drum up business.

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