Only a Runner Would Understand

I’ve had a few conversations like this.

Your Turn

What aspects of running do you find hardest to explain to your non-runner friends?


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  1. “You are insane.”

    “No, I am a runner.”


    I think it’s the misconception that running is easy. Like, “running is so cheap and easy, just throw sneaks on and go!” Well…. maybe in the beginning that’s true…

    • I agree, running is neither easy (nor ‘cheap’!) Well perhaps if you always run the same distance at the same pace on the same days it will becomes easy, but every runner I’ve met is looking to run longer, faster,or more often).

  2. Blake Elizabeth Sachs

    This is hysterical and SO true. We are a crazy bunch! Thanks for the good laugh. I needed it today!

  3. Haha too funny, I’ve had plenty of these conversations myself and they never fail to amuse me. Of course sometimes I like to really drag out the story just to see how incredulous I can get them haha

  4. So funny, thanks for sharing!! I always have to explain that I actually love the feeling of being so tired and sweaty after a long run…people think I’m nuts…but I am okay with that!

  5. Stephani Itibrout

    I’ve posted this before. I love it. Luckily, I’m surrounded by many ultra-marathoners, so my running only looks crazy to my family.

  6. David @ Captain Speedypants

    Where do you find this stuff? lol.. That is funny.

  7. I am just watching this now from a link on one of your current posts… This is hilarious!!! But so true… I too have had the same conversations.

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