Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver Updates

In the past week, there have been two exciting announcements  from the Rock ‘N Roll Vancouver team.

Rock ‘N Roll Vancouver 2014 Featured Band

The Rock 'N Roll Vancouver 2014 headlinerLast week, MAGIC! was announced as the headliner band for the Finish Line Festival.While you may not recognize the band by name, if you listen top the radio at all you likely have heard this Canadian band’s hit song, Rude.

Rock ‘N Roll Vancouver 2014 Finisher’s Medal

The Rock 'N Roll Vancouver 2014 Finisher medals

Those runners who entered races for the bling will be excited to see the finishers medals created for Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver.  Featured the Lion’s Gate Bridge iconic lion statues, the medals are quintessential Vancouver, right down to the green and blue ribbons.

For more information, and to join me in running the inaugural event on October 26th, head to the official Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver website

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