Dressing Right for Your Run

Cold Weather Running

As autumn is settling in and the longs days of summer are departing, many runners find themselves questioning what to wear while running. Wear too much, and we’ll be unnecessarily hot, or lugging around extra layers. Wear to little and we’ll be miserably cold. Related posts: 10 Winter Running Tips … Continue reading

The Running Hipster [Video]

Scott Snair is an urban farmer from Portland who works for Grove making bamboo iPhone cases. He also commutes by running up to 12 miles a day, every day. A part of the upcoming film, What Moves You, which explores the reasons people run. Related posts: Does this Move You? … Continue reading

SeaWheeze 2014 Recap Video

Check out what went down at last weekend’s lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon in this great recap video.  We came, we ran, we SeaWheezed. Check out some of the best moments from SeaWheeze 2014.  Related posts: Where people come from to run to the SeaWheeze [Infographic] The SeaWheeze lululemon Half Marathon kicks off … Continue reading