I would like to thank…

Cambie Marathon Clinic

The 2013 BMO Running Room Clinic team

During my training for the 2013 Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon over the the past 5 months, I’ve learned that while runners may be timed as individuals, marathon running is truly a team sport. I would never have been able to complete a marathon without the support, encouragement and camaraderie of dozens of people.

First of all is my wife, who has put up with being a ‘running widow’, every Sunday morning and a few nights a week for the  past 5 months. She has also heard all about my self-imposed aches and pains, and put up with the inordinate amount of ‘running laundry’ that training for a marathon entails. She was also a great cheerleader responsible for the poster I’m holding in the photo below which got a lot o comments from fellow runners.

Nest up is my Cambie Street Running Room crew.  They have been my training partners, advice givers and motivators throughout my marathon training. I am so glad to have met you all and proud of all our achievements, whether it is completing your first marathon, achieving a PR or qualifying for Boston. I look forward to running with you all again!

Special thanks goes to my surprise marathon partner, Steph from the Cambie Running Room group who I met about 6k into the marathon. We ran with me for almost 30k it was great having somebody to talk with early on, and just run quietly together as the going got tougher.

I also want to thank my ‘virtual running group on Dailymile, as well as all my friends, family and followers on Facebook and this blog. Each like or comment you have left has provided inspiration for me. A special shout out to Ali, who I saw briefly during the race.

Yuri hurry, beer's waiting!

Yuri posing with one of my wife’s motivational signs after the marathon.

Last but not least is my original running group that I met during my first Sun Run clinic almost two years ago. They were with me when I took my first running steps and by my side when we completed our first half marathon. While the past six months have brought various challenges and life changes to us all, meaning we haven’t run as much as we’d like, your ongoing support and friendship has been invaluable.

Yuri and his original running group before the 2013 SeaWheeze Half Marathon

Yuri and his original running group before the 2013 SeaWheeze Half Marathon

So thanks again to my ‘running team,’ I wouldn’t have crossed the finish line in Victoria without all your support!


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