Long Run Report: Marathon Pace Workout

Cambie Running Room Marathon Clinic Group

Cambie Running Room Marathon Clinic Group 23.33 km 02:05 05:22 pace

Today’s run was 23k with the middle 14k at (or below) marathon pace. The marathon pace section followed the final third of the BMO Vancouver Marathon course along the seawall to the finish line. This was a tough workout, but a huge confidence builder for me. It was a drop back week in terms of mileage, but not necessarily intensity.

For the marathon pace section, I had planned on running at 5:20/km, a bit faster than my marathon goal (on target for a 3:45 marathon, faster than my 3:50 goal), but once I got going, I managed to hang on at an average pace closer to 5:11/km (sub 3:40) for the 14k!

I doubt I could hold on to this pace for an entire marathon, but it was definitely a confidence booster and places a 3:45 marathon in my cross hairs!

6 °C, WC: 4 °C, 6km/h ENE, 95%

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