Beat the Heat: Tips for Summer Running [Infographic]

Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running created this fun infographic as a reminder of how to stay cool when running in the heat this summer.

Running in the Heat Inforgraphic


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Four Steps to Running Re-education [Infographic]

Four Steps to Running Re-education Infographic

Over the last year I have had over 600 injured runners through the running clinic at The Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin. Every one of these runners has had video analysis and coaching advice about components of their running technique that may be contributing to injury. Having seen this number of runners a few patterns have emerged and some common form issues have arisen. This resulted in the development of a poster ‘Four Steps to Running Re-Education’ This contains the four most common coaching points we use.

—John Foster, MCSP, MACPSM, Dip Phys, PGDip H. Sci.

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