2013 GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon Report

It’s been quite a journey: 1,021 kilometres in 109 workouts over 18 weeks (or 102  hours) = 1 marathon! This journey is all the more incredible to me, when less than 2 years ago I could barely run for 1 minute at a time, and the thought of even completing a … Continue reading

Long Run Report, October 6, 2013

Long Run Route, October 6, 2013

Today marked the last ‘long run’ of the marathon training cycle.  Long run is in quotations because since we are in taper mode, it was only 16K, less than half the distance of the run we did two weeks ago. After last weeks stormy race and the weeks wet, grey … Continue reading

Surrey International World Music Half Marathon Report

Surrey Marathon Finisher Medal and Bib

I’m not exactly sure why I signed up for the Surrey International World Music Half Marathon; especially as my fall goal race, the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon is two weeks away and I should be tapering for it. But when I saw that the weekend’s long run called for a 23K anyway, … Continue reading

Long Run Report, September 22, 2013

Long Run, September 22, 2013

My longest run of the current marathon cycle—and the wettest! This was the ‘big event’ of the clinic, and we were joined by runners from the Broadway Running Room as well as the VanRun club. Some of us slower runners started an hour early at 7:45 am, so we could … Continue reading

Long Run Report: September 15, 2013

Dundarave Pier (aka 'Around the Globe') Redux

Dundarave Pier and Back (aka ‘Around the Globe’) Long Run Redux This was my second time running this route.  The first time (on August 24th), I was more worried about getting over the bridge than I was about the distance—which was my longest to date at that time. Today, the bridge … Continue reading