Running Vancouver’s SkyTrain

Canadian Running magazine’s  has mapped out how long it would take to get between Vancouver’s SkyTrain stations if one was to run at five minutes per kilometre pace.

Skytrain map with running time between stations

Learn more about the map.

My Spring Marathon Shoes

New Balance 890v4After training pretty much non stop for the past year and trying to wear as little shoe as possible, I felt it was time to switch things up a bit and try a bit ‘more’ shoe for my spring marathon.  However, I still wanted a lower drop, and didn’t want the overly cushioned shoes that are trendy now.

In my ongoing search for the ‘perfect’ marathon shoe that balances comfort, lightweight and durability, I initially had my eyes  set on the new Brooks Pure3 Cadence or Flow.  However, I learned that my go-to shoe store, Running Room wasn’t going to carry them this spring. That news, combined with the fact that I had a 20% gift certificate for New Balance shoes from volunteering as a Sun Run InTraining clinic leader led me to give this popular brand a try.

After trying on several pairs of New Balance shoes at the Right Shoe store in Kits, including the New Balance 1080, I decided on the 890v4.  It is a light-weight (8.5 oz) neutral shoe with a good balance of cushioning, protection, and durability. You can find my full review HERE.

Your Turn

What shoes are you going to wear for your next big race?

Ready for the First Half!

Yuri in a Hurry's First Half Half Marathon Shirt and BibI’m all ready for the Pacific Road Runners First Half Half-Marathon tomorrow. Aiming for a PR.  Hopefully the wind and rain will hold off!