Running In Vancouver

I’ve been invited to be a digital champion for the Modo Spring Run-Off  Vancouver 8K.  The Modo 8K is annual run on March 22, 2015 in Stanley Park in support of the Take a Hike Foundation. As part of my duties, I was asked to write a post for the Canadian Running Series blog … Continue reading

Another Perspective on Vibram FiveFingers [Video]

As somebody who does part of his training and running in minimalist shoes (mainly Skora Running), I wholehearted agree with this doctor. Running shoes are simply tools to help you run, and just like other tools, there are safe, responsible ways to use them—and reckless, dangerous ways to use them.

Minimalist shoes have allowed me to work on my running form, strengthen my feet and ankles and improve my balance. As a result, I am a better, faster, and most importantly, healthier runner than I was when I only ran in mainstream running shoes.

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2014 BMO Vancouver Finisher Medals and Shirts

I’m pretty underwhelmed by this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon finisher medals and shirts.  I feel that an event that is billed as a world-class event—and charing near world-class entry fees, on par with the SeaWheeze—they would offer nicer swag.

2014 BMO Vancouver Finisher Medals


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