Every Runner Has A Reason: Ronnie Goodman [Video]

Every runner has a reason. What’s yours?

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Robin Williams on Running a Marathon

In addition to being an amazing actor, comedian and humanitarian, Robin Williams had close ties to the running community. In this clip for his Grammy winning 1986 show A Night At the Met, Williams explains how running a marathon delivers a cheaper high than cocaine.

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The Lion & The Gazelle [Video]

We are all running. Some of us are running from something. Some of us run towards something. Sun comes up. Sun goes down. We run. And when that sun comes up again, we keep running.  Via Arc’teryx Continue reading

They Run for Fun in the Hot, Hot Sun

I came across this image today. It’s from Dr. Seuss’ One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

Here are some who like to run, they run for fun in the hot, hot sun

Here are some

who like to run.

They run for fun

in the hot, hot sun.

I found it fitting for those of us current running through the summer heat.

Running Away From Nothing Trailer

A 30-minute documentary that follows twin brothers Jake and Zane Robertson, who have abandoned their comfortable , first-world lives in New Zealand to see if living in the running mecca of Kenya will somehow transform them into world-class runners.  From the same producers of Transcend: The Wesley Korir Story.