Good Running Form [Infographic]

Whether you’re tackling marathons or jogging around the block, good running form is essential.
Four Simple Steps to Good Running Form

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Running Facts and Figures [Infographic]

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How to Improve Your Running Form [Infographic]

There is no one perfect running form for everybody—just look at 2013 NYC marathon winner Priscah Jeptoo. However, by focusing on a few basic rules, any runner can become a more efficient and effective runner. As a result, you could see significant improvements in both your speed and endurance, as well as cut your chance of injury.

How to Improve Your Running Form Infographic

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How to Improve Your Running Form and Become a More Efficient Runner

  • Relax your shoulders  to allow for fluid, more circular arm movement.  More like you’re chilling at the bar than standing at attention.
  • Swing arms back and forth , not across the body.  Think choo-choo train, not the twist.
  • Lean slightly forward, but make sure you aren’t bending at the waist.
  • When running up a hill, lean into the incline, but don’t hunch over at the waist. Also keep the arms moving powerfully.
  • Keep hands in unclenched fists, as if holding  the last unbroken potato chip  from the bag.
  • Align your hips directly below the torso. Don’t pull a Miley, avoid sticking your but out.
  • Lift knees only slightly for a more efficient stride. High knees might be a fun exercise, but not a good way to distance run.
  • Reduce stride length and increase stride frequency. Aim for 180 foot strikes  per minute. that’s the same pace as Outkast’s “Hey Ya.”
  • Feet should land underneath the body, minimizing heel strike.

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Running and Weight Loss [Infographic]

Facts on running and loosing weight

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