2014 Vancouver Sun Run Report

2014 Vancouver Sun Run

If you have been following my blog for the past few months, you will know that I am a Vancouver Sun Run clinic leader.  After training for the past 13 weeks, today was the big day for myself and my clinic members!  

Here is an abbreviated race report.  To be honest, I viewed this more as an training run than a race, with my spring gaol race—the BMO Vancouver Marathon—only a week away.


2014 Vancouver Sun Run Bib

Despite approaching the 2014 Vancouver Sun Run as a training run for the BMO Vancouver Marathon, I still managed to earn a new 10K PR!  This demonstrates how training for longer races also helps with medium distances, given that I ran at about 75-80% effort. I didn’t want to push too hard today, with my marathon only a week away, so I treated this run as more of a tempo run. Now I’m tempted to sign up for another 10K to see if I can break 45 minutes 😉

Vancouver Sun Run Stats

Chip time: 00:47:31
Pace: 4:45/km
Overall: 2,231/43,142
Gender: 1,921 / 19,360
M35-39: 240 / 1,965

Weather: 6 °C, 2km/h E, 93%

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  1. nice race! Always good to have a great race before the big one on the schedule! Have a great Mara next week.

  2. Stephani Itibrout

    Way to go! I would love that time!

  3. Great time, Yuri! Good luck next weekend!

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