2014 BMO Vancouver Finisher Medals and Shirts

I’m pretty underwhelmed by this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon finisher medals and shirts.  I feel that an event that is billed as a world-class event—and charing near world-class entry fees, on par with the SeaWheeze—they would offer nicer swag.

2014 BMO Vancouver Finisher Medals


The medal design is actually pretty unique, but the quality isn’t the same of other local finishers medals; most notably the Victoria Marathon and the Canada Running Series events.

2014 BMO Marathon Finishers ShirtsWhile I think the yellow colour is a great change from the usual race shirt colours, I’m disappointed that it is only a short sleeve.

Ah well, race swag is only a small part of why we run, especially marathons.  The true reward is the sense of accomplishment from finishing!

Your Turn

What do you think of this year’s medals and shirts?  Am I being to harsh?

What is your favourite race swag?

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