2014 BMO Vancouver Finisher Medals and Shirts

I’m pretty underwhelmed by this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon finisher medals and shirts.  I feel that an event that is billed as a world-class event—and charing near world-class entry fees, on par with the SeaWheeze—they would offer nicer swag.

2014 BMO Vancouver Finisher Medals


The medal design is actually pretty unique, but the quality isn’t the same of other local finishers medals; most notably the Victoria Marathon and the Canada Running Series events.

2014 BMO Marathon Finishers ShirtsWhile I think the yellow colour is a great change from the usual race shirt colours, I’m disappointed that it is only a short sleeve.

Ah well, race swag is only a small part of why we run, especially marathons.  The true reward is the sense of accomplishment from finishing!

Your Turn

What do you think of this year’s medals and shirts?  Am I being to harsh?

What is your favourite race swag?

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  1. I like them! I like the simplicity of the medal, but the beauty in the Vancouver skyline and the colour accents. They make it look simple and classy rather then huge and gaudy. I wasn’t sure about the shirt colour at first, but now it has grown on me. I like that the sponsor writing is small, I like that the distance is on the sleeve and I like that it isn’t covered with corporate sponsor logos all over the back and sleeves like is common in US races. I am looking forward to earning the half ones 🙂

    • I don;t mind the designs or style (and actually like the shirt colour). I just feel that they cheaped-out on the quality compared to other major races, not to mention other local events like Scotiabank 1/2 or even the Modo 8k.

      I’m also disappointed in the downgrade to the short sleeve shirt for the full. I agree it’s nice that they aren’t covered in logos; although there have been a few logos on the back the past few years, and i expect the same this year.

      Victoria manages to provide marathoners with a full zip jacket without ANY logos for almost $40 less in registration fees.

      • I do see your point, and perhaps if I was doing the full I would feel the same way. It does also seem unfair that the 8K and marathoners get essentially the same shirt, just with different distance.

        I don’t have a Saucony shirt yet, so I am excited to see how they fit 🙂

        I personally get excited by a short sleeve shirt with gender sizing

        Victoria Marathon has the bar set high, and it helps that the race director is also the owner of New Balance. Comparing the 2, Victoria swag comes out on top by far. They do manage to reward everyone with a shirt worthy of the distance.

  2. I ran The Vancouver marathon last year. My medal says “Ran Full” . A ridiculous thing to put on a marathon medal. So I think these are better. I like the yellow shirts too. . Yeah, Victoria’s stuff is better but prefer the Vancouver course, and that is the most important factor for me.

  3. I agree with you Yuri, not so much about the medal, because I think they are sort of a waste of money frankly (what do we do with them all?), but I love getting clothes when I race. It was a bit of a bummer that we didn’t get a jacket or long sleeve running the full. On the flipside, my sister ran the Toronto Goodlife Marathon and their medals were ridiculous – as big as her head! They even had a joke on the backside, claiming no responsibility for injury from wearing the thing. The BMO course this year was so much better managed than last year (I only did the half last year, but there was a serious water station issue as I recall) that I forgive all! I loved the Ultima electrolyte stations, and I feel like that was one of the keys to my successful completion. Gatorade gives me gut rot, but this stuff was perfect. In the finishing line, I didn’t like how they handed out the food – it was awkward to carry, and b/c it is a runners zone only, I couldn’t get any help managing the various bit. I was freezing, wrapped in a plastic sheet, and wasn’t exactly fully in charge of my faculties. Gear drop/pick up was efficient. As a first timer however, I was really looking forward to getting that hug from my supporters at the finish, and didn’t enjoy the hassle and time delay between crossing the line, coordinating a meeting spot (which side of the road are you on…???) and finally getting out of the fenced off zone to get that well deserved hug.

    • I actually liked how they handed out food. It was easier than juggling loose bagels, orange slices and cookies, and it kept the line moving faster.

      While I understand the desire to meet your supporters right afterwards, I appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to dodge crowds of people, etc. The relatively quietness of the finishers area gave me a time to get my bearings, change into warm, dry clothes and get something to ear before heading out into the crowds. I just wish the hand set up some benches for runners to sit for a second so we could eat/change our shoes, etc.

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